LawnmowerMan-3-1Lawnmower Man (Leonard, 1992)

You dangle before me, ghostly, cheeks like cherry blossoms. Let me tangle in your fingers like thread, so nervously you can spin, and pass over your lips. In a blue lit room, on an uncomfortable bed, you can laugh at your skirt being too high, the fantasies that were drawn like blood from a vein at the sight of your skin. Oh, you tease me, your kisses always forced, yet your smile seems so free and made of stone. I wonder what dreams you dream when you so carelessly drop my name in reference to the night before. Who gives me the slightest thought when you let them close to you? I wonder if they think you smell like candy too.

Oh, and The Lawnmower Man is pretty good, much better than I remember it being. In this day and age of communication and technology I found it to be much more relevant now than at the time of its release.