af1After Hours (Scorsese, 1985)

You’ve got a lot to do today, but why not let it wait a while? Why not ignore your instincts, and get angry with yourself? Take a fresh look at your reflection, and tell someone you’ve never met how much you’ve always loved them. Because the regrets that are blurry day dreams in your wood-paneled office, can only sustain your work week for so long. Soon your fingers twitch uncontrollably, and you grit your teeth, bracing for an anxiety you’ve waited so long for. You feel at home in a dizzy confusion, never certain of the lies people unfurl, and cover your ears in case they offer the truth. You try to look away from the beauty of women surrendered to their pain as they clench you so tightly. And you wonder, with the taste of fear salting your lips “have I been dreaming for so long?”