Lola (Fassbinder, 1981)

You were dismissed for so long, your fists clenched in silence, while your wild ambitions hung like ornaments on the frayed silk of your costume. Your eyes rolled so weary from the ego driven circles your men drove, just to feel the sound of their voices humming in their chests. They boasted of greatness with breath clouded in drink, and wobbled arm extended in a clumsy impression of their favorite dictator. While you, Lola, dared to challenge them in your spirited morning promises, greeted with patronizing smiles.

What empires are built on the cold, unrelenting stone of a woman doubted! In the secrets revealed in the comfort of moments made vulnerable by the whispered promises of love. Such eyes are veiled by ambition, Lola. You have them at your feet to step over, if you wish.