Few things go as well together as music and cinema. Music can elevate a scene, or simply give it a splash of accent. Thus I present my favorite uses of music in film.

This originally was intended to be one of my typical 10 favorite lists, but I decided not to narrow any of my choices down, and present them all. Once a week I will present three or four of my favorites.

I will do my best to find the scenes in particular, but in some cases I will only be presenting the songs themselves.


Mulholland Dr. (Lynch, 2001)

I often think of Mulholland Drive as a film in two parts, and this particular scene as the emotional climax of the first half.

Dead Ringers (Cronenberg, 1988)

In what I think is Cronenberg’s most subtle film, Howard Shore’s score compliments the soft, morbid undertones of the relationship between the main characters.