Stay awake, and let the weary headed sounds of night melt into the morning. Laugh at the pangs of paranoia, the dark circles under your eyes, and your writhing hands, chiseled like stones and clenched. Wear this night like a veil, mourn the many happy returns made soggy by the cold rain of your chills and doubts.

You’ll smile, without knowing, as you fall back on your bed in surrender, and your daydreams will mingle with the dust and feathers. The pesky daydreams, your wandering eyes, and a foggy window, waiting for their soggy return down the mud slickened drive, their heavy feet stomping at the door, and a familiar chorus of voices, warm. To feel their bristled faces scratch your cheek as you kiss them one by one. What a howling mess they will make, cluttered with laughs, and the barking dogs. Your home, will then have returned to you.