The Girl Who Knew too Much (Bava, 1963)

A bubbling laughter was heard outside her window. She wouldn’t watch this time, she was certain of her paranoid thoughts, it would brush past her like a cold hand, and then be forgotten. She smiled and let her eyes grow heavy again while listening to the laughter fade into the night.  Her fright was now subsiding, and the grip of that old musty home started to loosen.”Let the lurching shadows amuse themselves tonight. I’m too tired for their games, now” she thought. She would let the wild eyes in the dark watch her, and the thumping of muted ghosts howl. It was too late in the night for their teasing, she would happily play the fainting damsel in the morning, when her fears are dreamy sunburned apparitions of a lazy girl’s imagination.

She let her thoughts wander to Marcello. The clumsy sod was so certain of their destiny together “What a charming fool, he is” she said in a whisper as her head, heavy with sleep began to roll onto the pillow.