Fallen Angels (Wong Kar Wai, 1995)

You flickered and smiled at your foul-ups. You dreamed of exotic places, having never been there, but you would whirl in the pleasure of flashing skin, speckled and glistening, pounding in puddles in rhythmic motion. And away you went, bursting from your huddled comfort, a wild blur of blossoming fear and longing. The wind will slick back your hair, and bend the branches for you and your lover of choice to dangle like ripened cherries.You lives were like the movies, full of drippy love poems, and dramatic tears of longing.

But she’ll remember you, and he’ll remember you. Just as if you were a far off dream of exotic places, lazily meandering unfamiliar stretches of happiness. All your posturing will not go in vain. Even a glorious movie death will only leave behind a frozen frame of  your smiling face, remembered by someone.