Love Exposure (Sono, 2008)

I fitted my fingers with rings that turn my skin green when I sweat, but will anyone notice? My eyes are still wide and curious, but my thoughts smell of rusted pennies freed of their value and shining in the gutter. I’ve cluttered my head with lily-white confusion  and scattered silk dropped like lazy snow flakes. This is romance that quietly storms inside of me, but a stallion I am not, I am not built of buffed steel and riveted nerves. My hair won’t stay in one place, and my smile is obnoxious. I am a field mouse skipping in the dust, doing my best impression of a rat. And what might you find if you found me out? Would you swallow me whole? (oh, to feel you) Would you forget yourself, and let my clumsy feet scuff your shoes in an awkward dance? ( oh, to touch you) Would you cradle me in your arms and dab your laughing tears with my lily-white silk? (oh, to hold you) Would you shrug in indifference, feeling nothing at all? (oh, to lose you)

You can find me whenever you like. I am the one wearing a particular sort of gloom, and a smile built from all of life’s perfect absurdities.