In an effort to rejuvenate my thirst for film I have partaken on an ambitious endeavor. I have decided to compile my list of 100 favorite films, rewatch them, and write a brief review. I encourage you to follow along.


Eva (Losey, 1962)

There is a strange and muddy wasteland in the frontier between where our ego ends, and reality begins. It’s a place where we all speak with forked tongues, have perfect hair, and lay enslaved to the unattainable flesh and glitter. It’s what looks back at us from every mirror.

Tyvian, the main character in Joseph Losey’s Eva, has broken free of the boundaries that had kept him prisoner of the wasteland. Perhaps it was when his brother died, handing him the lie for Tyvian to make his fraudulent name from, but more likely it happened much earlier, a young man tired of living in the shadows of better men found a way of escape? It is greed and lust that fuels him, and until he met Eva he had the game all figured out. It’s Eva that wriggled her fingers into him and massaged his heart into a cold and lonely death.

Tyvian feels nothing now but the longing for Eva’s gaze. It is a bitter purgatory for the man with no identity left.

– James Merolla