In an effort to rejuvenate my thirst for film I have partaken on an ambitious endeavor. I have decided to compile my list of 100 favorite films, rewatch them, and write a brief review. I encourage you to follow along.


Adventureland (Mottola, 2009)

For those of us who are junkies for nostalgia we often find ourselves in a indescribable paralysis. The smallest prick to our senses can lead us into the cob webs of our past where we feel the moments, places, and people we’ve left behind. And we ask ourselves, are we better for them? And were they really as good as we feel they were?

Adventureland is a homage to the nostalgia junkie. Everything is blanketed in a warm dreamy light, and even the bitterness of heartbreak has a romantic reflection of sweetness and naivety. The characters have soft, rounded edges, there worst sins eroded by memory. Everything is viewed through a bittersweet haze until the only thing that remains are the faint traces of emotion that stick our skin like phantom needles in haystacks. This film has its flaws, most notably a ‘take no chances’ ending that betrays much of the film’s sentiment, but, Greg Mottola, does what he can to capture those pins that find our searching hands, and in many ways he comes close.

– James Merolla